About Us

Sertec, the leader in Full-Cycle 24/7 Incident Reporting Management, is the parent corporation for ActecSystems, DriverCheck, and ServiceCheck. Sertec’s unique full-cycle process provides you with total information management solutions that increase profits, retain customers, reduce costs, and lower risk. The business concept began with DriverCheck in 1987 and has since grown into a multifaceted corporation that is the leading authority in insurance claims intake, driver safety, and customer service—handling millions of contacts each year and serving thousands of companies across North America.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Sertec is a privately held, financially stable, debt-free company. In the words of president and CEO Stephen Mitchell, Sertec's managers “live over the store," meaning they are long-tenured employees who are invested in the success and satisfaction of your organization.

Sertec's centralized technology provides you with the latest advancements in data security and customer-service hardware and software. An extensive, regularly tested disaster-recovery plan and hot-site at Hewlett-Packard are in place to ensure continuous service, and Sertec is constantly improving its proprietary software to provide state-of-the-art service to meet your needs.

Stringent hiring and training procedures ensure top-quality, long-tenured employees who maintain the highest standards of ethics required of companies working with confidential information gathering and processing. All Sertec employees are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to protect your data. All employees also undergo full background checks, as well as a variety of testing for aptitude and communication skills.

Sertec and its companies are focused on your needs and wants—not internal budget requirements and red tape. Sertec has provided reliable, affordable, high-quality service for clients every hour of every day since the company’s founding in 1987. The result has been exceptional service for clients for more than 20 years.

Sertec Corporation

Service Technology Corporation ("Sertec") provides actionable data to increase profits, retain your customers, reduce your costs, and lower your risk through its three subsidiary companies: Actec, DriverCheck, and ServiceCheck.

Sears Chooses Actec

Actec is pleased to announce our newest client, Sears. We provide all after-hours FNOL intake service for Sears, using the salesforce.com-based Riskonnect application. One of Actec's strengths is our flexibility in using client FNOL software, via Internet or other type of connection.